Indie Fashion Photography

Indie Fashion Photography

Indie photography is a collection of two completely different yet related genres. Indie is a term describing a type of band or singer that does not have mainstream popularity and usually produces their works independently from record companies. Photography on the other hand is an art form that captures the reality around us through the use of lenses and filters, then capturing these moments with film or digital sensors to produce final images for public viewing.

Indie photography as a genre has been emerging over the last few years; it makes up all those photographs which are not considered mainstream due to artistic expression, content and/or individuality in approach. It’s kind of like avant-garde fashion : even though most indie photographers work with models and high end equipment, they still tend to shoot everything differently –from the models’ attire, to the location of the shoot and even how they light the scene.


Fashion photography is more of a passion than a life calling, nevertheless, we all love to train our Instagram algos to visually pleasing shots. With the continuous growth of the internet and social media channels, it’s easier than ever to share your work globally. And that’s exactly what is happening with indie photography – more and more people are finding their style and creating their very own looks every day.

The good thing about being an indie photographer is that you can be as different from everyone else as you want to be – there are no boundaries or limits in creativity here! That’s probably why “indie” has become a universal term for anything outside of normal practice – everything from music, art forms, clothes and even fashion styles have been referred to as “indie”. Some styles have even made it into mainstream culture – so who knows where these paths will lead us!

Author: Vitali Gelwich, hero photo also by Vitali Gelwich

Your Indie

This genre is therefore very exciting because it’s so open-to diverse artistic styles and content – you can basically take any subject you want, be as artistic or dull as you like, similar to mainstream photography where everything has to be pristine and well crafted. You could say that indie photography is popular amongst photographers who don’t feel comfortable with mainstream genres. It’s no surprise then that many top fashion photographers today began their careers working on indie projects - for example Terry Richardson started his career shooting pictures of her friends at school in New York City which eventually lead him into getting signed by Mario Testino for a prestigious internship at Vogue (he was 21).